From paper cup to carburetor trumpet

A little while back a friend of mine asked me if I could do a custom carburetor trumpet for his Yamaha Road Star bobber build.

I, of course, said yes and asked what he had in mind. He sent me a picture of a paper cup, temporarily mounted on his motorcycle, acting as a stand-in for the trumpet with some additional measurements.

He said he liked the overall size and look of it and asked me to go from there.

So I did. In total I made three prototypes that I 3D printed and sent to him, one of which was perfect.

I had it manufactured in brass by my friend's request and the final product came out amazing.

It’s installed on his motorcycle with a fixture he made himself which we measured to be a perfect match for the trumpet.

A great project that was fun to do and came out better than we thought.

Hopefully there will be more custom projects in the future.

Ride safe all!

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