Gearing up for launch in early 2024

Gemstone Motorcycle Parts laser engraving

What you see in the picture is my very first product getting laser engraved with my Gemstone Motorcycle Parts stamp of approval. That means I'm 110% happy with the product and ready to sell it. How cool is that?

I won't reveal what the launch products are just yet, but stick around and you will know soon enough.

I’ve been working with great determination every day since late August on realising this dream of mine of running my own motorcycle parts company.

Starting a company is no easy task, in addition to designing the products you need to come up with a name, a logo, a parts number system, set up bank accounts, get the manufacturing process right, figure out how to get products in front of the customer and the list goes on.

Again, it's no easy task, but that's part of the fun!

The decisions I make early on are going to define what the company is in the future so I figured I better make some good ones.

One of those decisions is that when I'm fully, 110% happy with a product, I laser engrave it with a Gemstone Motorcycle Parts stamp of approval.

It's in an area of the product where you can't see it when the unit is mounted, but it's there to assure you as a potential customer that I have personally inspected and quality assured the product before it reaches your door.

That's all for now!

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Take care and ride safe!

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