Please allow me to introduce the company

CEO and Founder Pontus

Gemstone Motorcycle Parts is an aftermarket motorcycle parts company based out of southern Sweden. It is a one-man operation, founded in 2023 by me, Pontus.

The winters are long and riding seasons short in the south of Sweden. It's given me a lot of time to identify smaller factory parts and details on my motorcycles that I simply weren't digging and wanted to replace.

One such part was the original dash plaque on my Kawasaki Vulcan 800. In 2015 I re-designed and manufactured my own part. This was when the idea for Gemstone Motorcycle Parts was initially born and in 2023 it became a reality.

I'm launching on a small scale, with just a few products. New products will be continuously designed, manufactured and made available online for purchase right here, in my webshop.

Feel free to sign-up for the Gemstone Motorcycle Parts newsletter were you will be the first to know what new products are in the making, when new products are dropping, exclusive offers and first dibs on limited runs

Take care and ride safe!

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